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We Make it Easier; We Make it Better; We Make it Sustainable

High-tech and Eco-Friendly company developing new ways to improve the disinfection of our Environments.


Less Power Consumption than UVC Lamps


Inactivation Rate of Viruses, Bacteria and Mold

5 Years

Without Manteinance

VORTEX BIOTECH is an innovative, UAE-based company with a mission to develop smart solutions for a better tomorrow, founded in 2021 by a group of experts with extensive experience in the field of Medical Technology, Photonics and HVAC sectors.



The exciting innovation designed to clean and maintain sanitized air in closed environments!


According to the World Health Organization, poor air quality is one of the greatest threats to human health.

‘Inside’ air has been proven to be up to five times more contaminated than ‘outside’ air, and since many of us spend 90% of our day indoors, we are especially susceptible to a wide range of viruses, mold, and bacteria being circulated through the air. This is true in our homes, our work places, our public transport and public places!

There is a clear and urgent need for exploring new ways to sanitize air especially indoors!


The air that we breathe in closed environments is often being recycled through AC systems without being sanitized. And while most people believe that air-conditioning equals ‘fresh air’, there is nothing farther than the truth! Cold air does not kill germs, and some viruses actually replicate better in dry, cold temperatures!

The existing technologies:

Every technology for AC Systems disinfection on the market has a huge power consumption, high maintenance cost and long term side effects.

Every technology on the market doesn’t take in consideration the proliferation of bacteria and mold during all the tract of ducts.


vortex pres.jpg

VLED is the solution for all the HVAC Systems, providing a constant disinfection on a continual basis, by simply being directly placed in air conditioning ducts, just before inside the supplier air grill or diffuser. The module is powered by a battery pack that is constantly recharged by the power of air flow. 

Small, Light And Portable

Extremely Easy To Install By Anyone

Uses Artificial Intelligence To dynamically Adapt To Air (optional)

Low Cost And Safe

Self Powered (Optional)

Made In Italy

Suitable For Every Vent Type

Super Low Energy Consumption

Invisible, Untampered and Safe


Contact us

In5Tech - Al Sufouh 2 - DUBAI (UAE)


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