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Vortex is an innovative start-up that create smart solution for a better life.

Susteinability and Environment are the  targets for our technology.

Photonics, Circular economy ecosystems, High-Tech devices for clinical waste treatment are just the beginning.

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For months we've been told to wash our hands and maintain social distancing to beat the virus. But scientists and engineers say we also need to think about the air we breathe inside buildings. When you walk into a room and the air feels stale, something is wrong with the ventilation.

Not enough fresh air is being introduced, which increases your chances of getting infected by virus.

Recent research shows that in confined spaces there can be "airborne transmission" of the virus - with tiny virus particles lingering in the air.

From offices to shops, air conditioning is welcome on hot days - but check the type of unit.

A modern ventilation system will have filters but these are not fool-proof.

The simplest is a slender white box mounted on walls or ceilings, known as a split air conditioner.

This draws in air from a room, chills it and then blows it back out again.

In other words, it's recirculating the air.

This is no problem for a quick visit but may be a risk over a period of hours.

With our LED-Module solution, air and filters will be constantly sanitized for a perfect place to live.



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