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We Make it Easier - We Make it Better - We Make it Sustainable

High-tech and Eco-Friendly company developing new ways to improve the disinfection of our Environments.



Less Power Consumption than UVC Lamps



Inactivation Rate of Viruses, Bacteria and Mold


5 Years

Without Manteinance

Experience the Future of Sustainable Innovation at Vortex Biotech

Vortex Biotech's VLED is a revolutionary UV-C light technology for HVAC systems that ensures a constant and effective disinfection of indoor air, providing a safe and healthy environment for all. The poor indoor air quality caused by circulating germs, bacteria and viruses is a critical issue that affects human health, and it is particularly prevalent in air-conditioned spaces where air is being recycled without being sanitized. Existing technologies have limitations such as high power consumption, high maintenance costs, and long-term side effects, and they don't take into consideration the proliferation of bacteria and mold in the entire tract of ducts. VLED is designed to solve these problems by providing a user-friendly, low maintenance and cost-effective solution.


VLED is designed to be placed in every air inlet duct, and it does not require any disruption or modification of existing AC systems. This makes it easy to install, and it does not require any additional power source. VLED has an integrated IPS system that regenerates energy from the airflow, powering the VLED system with the power of the air. This makes it even more energy efficient and cost-effective. Additionally, VLED's ability to disinfect the entire tract of ducts makes it a more comprehensive solution than traditional technologies.


Transform your breathing experience with VLED Technology Test, ensuring the highest quality of indoor air. Witness the astounding difference as we installed VLED units in a single room and measured the impact on mold and bacteria levels. Breathe in confidence as VLED effectively eliminates harmful pathogens, creating a pristine and revitalizing atmosphere. Elevate your respiratory well-being and embrace the assurance of cleaner, fresher air. Prioritize your health and choose VLED, where your satisfaction and improved breathing experience are our top priorities. Experience the remarkable transformation in the air you breathe, exclusively with VLED.


The Future Of Indoor Air Quality

VLED - AC Disinfection System

VLED is the solution for all the HVAC Systems, providing a constant disinfection on a continual basis, by simply being directly placed in air conditioning ducts, just before inside the vent grill or diffuser.

  • The exciting innovation designed to clean and maintain sanitized air in closed environments.

  • There is a clear and urgent need for exploring new ways to sanitize air especially indoors!

  • The Evolution of Air disinfection.

The Evolution of HVAC Disinfection

VLED is the solution for all the HVAC Systems, providing a constant disinfection on a continual basis, by simply being directly placed in air conditioning ducts, just before inside the supplier air grill or diffuser. The module is powered by a battery pack that is constantly recharged by the power of air flow. 

Small, Light And Portable

Extremely Easy To Install By Anyone

Low Cost And Safe

Self Powered (Optional)

Low Energy Consumption

Uses Artificial Intelligence

Suitable For Every Vent Type

Super Low Energy Consumption

Invisible, Untampered and Safe

Made In Italy

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Increase efficiency of work places


Full patented protection for each room


Invisible, Untampered and safe


The only solution undisputed


Super low energy consumption


Most cost effective solution ever invented


Patent method to inactivate viruses


No maintenance cost with high durability

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